Mini cyclone kit

Not available for immediate shipment. Place your order and a member of our OrderDesk team will contact you for delivery time. B Mini Dust Cyclone Kit — Craftex Blue Tornado For use with most common shop vacuums, this mini cyclone tank will eliminate virtually all dust particles from your shop without clogging your shop vac filter. Turn your small shop vac into a power cyclonic system with this complete kit from Craftex Blue Tornado.

The translucent 6 gallon tank allows you to view contents at all times and is mounted onto 4 castors for ease of use. Designed to fit most common shop vacuums. Features Reduces clogging of vacuum filters Maintains suction efficiency Comes complete with assortment of hoses and adaptors Works with most shop vacuum Inexpensive way to control the dust in your workshop Specifications 1 x Tank 6 Gallon 2 x Reducer 1 x Elbow 2 x Hose 3 x Adaptor 2 x Clamp 3 x Castor 1 x Cyclone Lid.

I used a brand new shop vac and this thing captured half the dust at most! After just a couple times emptying the lid was nearly impossible to snap on. I had to make my own adaptors. The hoses were not compatbile with my mastercraft shop vac. Andfinally, I was trying to get the lid to snap on by bumping my fist on the lid.

Big mistake. Avoid this kit. The trouble I'm having now is once you empty it several times, it gets harder to snap the lid on and when you exert pressure to ensure the lid is snapped on, the wheels break off. That is the reason i am only giving it 3 stars. If you're a newbie and looking for entry level collection, this will do the trick. Make concessions for the lid issues and perhaps remove the wheels. As noted it is top heavy, but that's not the end of the world.

I personally think it works perfectly for a small shop. If you don't need a full dust collection system this is for you. Hardly anything is making it to my shop vac! I would to see them either give a better rating for the size of shop vac needed or stop shipping with hose that compress back together. Anytime i turn my shop vac on it re-compresses the hose, severely limiting the maneuverability and distance accessible.

Over all for the price point it is fantastic, but I am disappointed that I need to spend more money to replace the hoses. At first glance I would give this a 3 star rating due to build quality, but the fact that it actually works pretty well, and includes a bunch of pipe and fittings, all at a great price point point bumps it up to a cautious 5 stars I should mention my 6A shop vac seems a bit much for it - actually re-compressing the hoses it came with due to all the suction - it's probably a better match for a smaller vac.

And yes, if you hook it up backwards it doesn't work - check your hoses! I didn't expect much at this low price and I didn't receive much. Don't know how anyone can say this works 'great'Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Anyone have experience with the mini cyclone?

Or if someone has more photos than the Luna page has, that would be appreciated! Tags: None. I have the mini cyclone which I just hooked up to make sure everything was good to go for my next build. It fired right up and seems to have a lot of power and can't wait for my Electra Lux 7D Fat tire to arrive should be here by Oct. I'll keep you posted when its up and running. I chose the Mini Cyclone over the BBSHD and think it will fit inside the frame without having to modify the frame with a dimple or grind like spinning magnets had to do.

Ciao for now.

Taking on the Cyclone 3000W Mid- Drive…An Ebike Brute

Last edited by Esurfer ;PM. Comment Post Cancel. Also, some vendors have reported higher failure rates in the mini cyclone than the Cyclone Also I plan on using it as a cruiser but if I want a little punch I'll have it.

mini cyclone kit

I won't be putting it thru the punishment I put on the BBSHD so maybe that will help with its longevity Hopefully it will hold up we'll see. I've been going back and forth between a Mini Cyclone and the Cyclone and wondering about noise, longevity, etc Well, I've ordered a Mini Cyclone soooWe only recommend cyclone kits for experienced builders and people who have done their research and know what they are getting into.

This includes the complete kit, everything you need to install on most bikes minus the battery and bicycle chain:. Square taper crankarms are only compatible with square taper BB. These are not interchangeable. The Mini Cyclone kit is made for 68 to 83mm Bottom brackets, if you have wider BB you will need to source longer bolts for it.

Take a look at this link for more info. If using one of the other controllers and you want a full featured display we recommend the Batt-man display for battery info. Mounted to a Gravity Monster fat-bike, it will take you through the mountains or down roads with plenty of speed. I mounted the 34T sprocket of the original bike to the pedal assembly and with the 8 rear gears, you have plenty of options for climbing or cruising.

It took approximately 5hrs from start to finish and runs on a 52v Shark Pack.

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The only real differences between this unit and the w Cyclone is this unit is noticeably noisier. I really liked how heavy duty the mounting brackets on this unit are and this made assembly much faster. I would use this unit again in a minute. HD all the way. Bought the motor for a cruiser bike that I wanted to place the motor in the space between the rear tire and seat post.

It was a perfect fit. Once I got it up and running the motor overheated within a mile of operation. I sotered the shunts in the controller to increase amps to 50 and bypassed the three speed switch locking the motor at top RPM.

WOW what a little beast.


With 52 volts and 50 amps to the motor i am now getting watts out of this little beast but now without some heat and yes even a shut down or two. Top speed is only 40 mph on my road bike. But now its time to go bigger so Feb of its time for the watt on my fat bike. Thank you luna for making a 55 yr old man feel and live like a kid again.

I then took it off my road bike and put it on my specialized fuse fat tire the bike is lighter but not faster it lost 8 mph but that is due to tire size air pressure. Now though i can climb a telephone pole OMG the torque is ungodly I love it. This motor has enough power to hurt you. So back to the road bike for this mighty mouse and on with the watt for the fat bike. Thanks again LUNA. You have a friend for life. Fill in your email below to request a new password.

An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. Luna Deluxe Mini Cyclone Kit. Share: facebook email printer. Current stock: 0. Get cyclone performance in a much smaller, lighter and cleaner looking motor. For weight wienies you gotta love the 7 pound weight with a 40 amp controller. The smaller motor makes for a clean install.My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Bitchen, Yo. After much anticipation, my W Cyclone mid drive available here arrived from Lunacycle.

After spending a whole day slaving away installing this drive unit, I am not even convinced that W is the peak that this motor can take, so it might even be an even better deal than I at first anticipated. You should also check out this article on our evil step-sister site electricbike. This is not a beginner kit no instructions, no support and you either need to have a decent sized pile of destroyed ebike parts or a note from your mommy in order to purchase one.

So your kit shows up, the first thing you should do is lay everything out and make sure you have all the parts you need. There are 2 different kits for the Cyclone, one for mm bottom brackets and one for mm BB. Make sure you ordered and received the right kit. The next thing you should do is plug-in your battery and make sure the controller and motor both work. Remember to turn the key so that the voltage display on the throttle works, then twist the throttle.

The motor should spin pretty fast with full throttle.

mini cyclone kit

This kit does not include a PAS sensor but one can be added pretty easily. If you add a PAS system then you absolutely must have an e-brake cutout.

Vacuum Mini Dust Cyclone Kit

Bench test the controller and motor before you install it to make sure it all works, many connectors are not used although they can be if you want to.

I retested the voltage on the pack and connected it with the XT90 and … no spark. Although this is a nice bike getting off the bottom bracket was an unbelievable nightmare. It took me 3 hours of cutting, hammering, thread shredding, and dremeling my own tools to get the crappy stock BB off. Use a pair of calipers to measure the exact width of your BB from one side to the other.

Unfortudently there is not a lot of room on the bolts that attach to the motor so if you need a lot of room then you will probably have to split the difference. I took 2 nuts that were about 3. I had to grind away part of the plate to get the cable to fit right and not be pinched too bad by the mm spacing. Feel free to cut or grind the mounting plates however you need to in order to make them work. Keep the giant hose clamp in the center as it will look much better in the middle when it comes time to mount the drive unit to the bike.

The giant tie wrap broke on my first time out so instead I suggest that you use two stainless hose clamps which will work much better.

I was impressed by the performance of this 10lb motor, I would say its nominal rating should be over W. The next step once the spacing is correct is to line up the motor on the BB and put both sides of the Cyclone axle in. Stupid is not covered under any warranty. You will then need to tighten the bearings on both sides with a special bearing tightening tool did I mention that the Drive-side is reverse threaded?

This is easiest to do with the bike upside down. Then tighten the hose clamp with the screw near the bottommost part of the bike. Then take off the plastic cover on the Drive side crankarm and thread the giant wheel with the gears on it.The biggest EV forum on the planet. The huge user base ranging from highly experienced engineers to casual DIYers means you'll likely find the answer to your question.

Oh, and they love helping people build interesting contraptions. A great source of technical information for kit builders, often relating to electric fatbike builds. The accurate, helpful, and laboriously constructed using real world testing. What more could you ask for?

Luna Mini Cyclone 72V 60A 3000W

What about the LunaCycle Mini Cyclone? For someone who is technically sophisticated and could CNC their own custom motor mount, it seems like a decent motor. Btw if you get isis bb you need isis cranks, if you get the bluetooth controller see that controller listing for the apps and documentation in the questions and answers taband you may want to see our YouTube videos on installation first to check how doable this is for you.

Much more noise than the Cyclone and more expensive. You may have to rework the mounts. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.

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With video too! EBike School Free information designed to help beginners learn about the world of electric bicycles. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account.Read our build and ride report published January 9th read now.

High performance ebike stuff is still in the development stage, and most kits or parts you order do not come with documentation. The Cyclone is a great example of getting a Chinese made kit, and good luck figuring out how to mount it to your bike.

mini cyclone kit

This is kind of par for the course in the ebike industry. Even the ultra refined Bafang mid drives do not come with any kind of instruction sheet.

Recently, Luna Cycle. Most of the USA has a watt power-limit on street ebikes. This mostly applies to store bought ebikes and there is an on-going debate about whether that applies to a DIY kit or not. These kits are too powerful to be street legal in the USA and are for off road use only.

The user can limit the Cyclone with a device such as the Cycle Analyst to amps to make it more street legal.

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The base of the Cyclone uses a planetary gear reduction, so that the motor turns much faster than it would without it…and what this does is allow it to make a lot of power-to-weight, and improves efficiency. Many cutting edge mid drive motors such as the Bafang mid drives use this technology. In the pic above, the drive gear has teeth, and the output ring gear has teeth.

The reduction means the motor spins 4. Watch this video of ours to give you idea of the performance it offers.

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You can buy a very similar setup with similar performance direct from Cyclone their older drive for much cheaper…. More on recommended batteries later. The Ego Drive set up…a older and less powerful Cyclone with fancy mounting brackets. Note that the older drive has a much smaller form factor than the new W drive. The W Cyclone drive, installed on a folder bike. Pretty much the same drive system internally as the expensive Ego kit.Ruining the house vacuum cleaner with sawdust?

Or is your workshop vacuum's filter getting clogged up and emptying the drum is a pain? It works by using the power of your vacuum to provide the suction but all the dust stays in the clear plastic drum in the cyclone kit which means no more dust in the vacuum itself.

We all from time to time underestimate the health threat of airborne dust and the Mini Cyclone Dust Kit solves these problems, without breaking the bank or overspeccing your workshop. The Mini Cyclone traps most of the sanding dust, with only a fraction making it to the vacuum.

That means you easily dump the Mini Cyclone not the shop vac.

mini cyclone kit

Extends the life of shop vac and your filters. Since the Mini Cyclone is on rollers it is easy to roll around the shop from machine to machine. Timbecon Family Newsletter Signup to get the latest news and specials. Vacuum Mini Dust Cyclone Kit.

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